The Tea with Ovacome 2017 models

Introducing the T.W.O. 2017 models. Back row, from left to right we have Becky Parsons, Kelly Pritchard, Jenny Woods, Jackie Rose & Viv Hancock. Seated in the middle are Preeti Dudakia & Charmaine Wise and in the front row is Rosellen Lambert. Bané Young, Rebecca Readshaw & Laura Moses will also be modelling on Saturday, 11th March at the May Fair hotel but they were not able to attend the photo shoot. All the Tea with Ovacome models are women who have had or are living with ovarian cancer. They range in age from 27 years old to 53 years old and will be proudly strutting their stuff on the T.W.O. catwalk next month. TWO2017 models.jpg

Thank you to Isabelle Thomas for donating her services for the T.W.O. 2017 photo shoot.

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