Where It All Began

Tea with Ovacome is held in aid of Ovacome (the ovarian cancer support charity). Now in its 5th year, it has grown exponentially since its inaugural event in March 2010. Founded so as to provide those affected by ovarian cancer with a social event that offered support as well as an enjoyable occasion at which to meet others similarly affected. It began as a relatively low-key afternoon tea and now has evolved to also feature a wonderful fashion show, an auction, live performances and so much more, having even been dubbed “the social event of the ovarian cancer calendar”.

However, its main aim has, and will always be, to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, as it is a sad reality that the vast majority of women are simply unaware of the facts. And it is because of this that ovarian cancer is often only caught in its later stages, meaning the prognosis can often be poor; however, if caught early the survival rate is almost doubled. Therefore knowing your body and knowing the symptoms is your best defence. 

Know The Facts

Know The Facts

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